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A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway

Visit our new blog and read much more about @BreakingNewsOn and share your views! Aired Wednesday night 8 p.m. at WTVS-TV, Channel 56 and PBS for it had been planned since 1913 that Lincoln Highway would be made an international highway a 3,400 miles road stretches from coast to coast , New York City to San Francisco. But then parts of the roadway were moved often. The highway Highway enters Ohio from the east on U.S. 30, coming into East Liverpool. Traveling west, the route runs through Hanoverton, Minerva, East Canton, Canton, Massillon, Wooster, Mansfield, Upper Sandusky. If you consider taking a road-trip, to discover the landscape and attractions a along the ‘granddaddy of road’ Lincoln Highway. There you will see old motor court with mini-cabins, a Mexican restaurant run by a New Jersey Irishman, a giant shoe, an ancient general store and some Abraham Lincoln statues and Iowa cornfield. Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. JsHos...
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30.10.08 13:48

Staten Island Commuter Report -- Thursday Oct. 30, 2008

Girls soccer: Staten Island Academy vs. 9px; color: #977f46 ! Staten Island Commuter Report -- Thursday Oct. All of Staten Island's four highways ( DOT traffic cameras)are in good shape in both directions as are the Verrazano, Goethals, and Bayonne bridges and Outerbridge Crossing. The Gowanus-BQE combination has the normal heavy volume between the Prospect Expressway and Hamilton Avenue. In Manhattan, there are no issues on the FDR Drive or the West Side Highway. In New Jersey, an accident has been cleared on the southbound Garden State Parkway at Exit 114 in Holmdel in time for the morning commute. Northbound lanes are moving at the speed limit as are the New Jersey Turnpike, Routes 440, 1 and 9. Transit looks to be in good shape with no reported problems on local or express buses, the Staten Island Railway or the Staten Island Ferry at this hour, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Atlantic Express and the city Department of Transportation Staten Island Fer...
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30.10.08 13:48

Week of October 29, 2008

OUR COMMUNITY· Denver - Gateway to Lake Norma· Denver Area History Your Opinion Counts!Who will get your vote for U.S. Arrests, Citations  Christopher Aaron Cline, 17, Hawks Nest Lane, harassing phone call on a complaint filed by Madalyn Danielle Carson.  Kristopher Ryan Corneau, 18, Katherine Drive, DWI and possession of alcohol under 21.  Addison Marcus L. King, 35, Elgin, SC, impersonating a law enforcement officer. Arrested on Dan Reel Road.  Alberton Cruz, 26, Caswell Road, assault inflicting serious injury, misdemeanor child abuse.  Ronald Girard Edwards, Fairlawn Lane, Stanley, failure to appear on driving while license revoked, no insurance and other driving citations.  Wesley Neil Rose, 20, Fox Run Lane, Stanley, DWI, speeding.  Gerald Lee Killian, 39, Killian Farm Road, Stanley, eight counts of obtaining controlled substances by fraud or forgery. Charges are from Iredell County. Killian was arrested last week on similar charges in Lincoln County. He was arrest...
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